Automated Messaging Funnels Use Cases and Examples by Industry

What's a text message sales funnel?

Industry Use Cases and Examples

Forget bulk messaging and SMS "blasts." One of the most powerful applications of business texting is transactional, one-on-one messages that can be templatized and automated to create repeatable success in capturing and nurturing leads: a sales funnel via text, the most powerful and direct messaging medium.

Let's look at a few examples of automation use cases for different industries and see how Switchbird can help you or a client convert more leads and win more business.

Beyond Leads and Sales

Beyond lead capture and nurture campaigns, Switchbird automations empower businesses to streamline other processes and re-market to their contacts over time:

  • Generate more value from existing customers with requests for referrals or reviews
  • Gather data or deliver offers with targeted broadcast campaigns
  • Delight customers and constituents with custom automations to: handle property management requests (with pictures) from tenants, fulfill orders from keywords like “pizza” without asking repeat customers to repeat their name and address every time, and so on.

Example: Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a common rubric for evaluating customer satisfaction, and through it, business performance. Switchbird allows you to build and deploy simple text-based surveys, like an NPS survey, and customize them to your goals: collect the data alone, or use it to follow up with customer service outreach or review and referral requests, etc. 😉