Text Message Keyword Campaign Funnel Automation for a Marketing Agency (White-label)

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Text Automation Use Cases: Marketing Agency

Text Message Keyword Campaign Funnel for Lead-gen

Problem:A marketing agency is running a webinar on 2021 small business marketing tactics. They'll be emphasizing the need for business owners to drive more direct relationships with customers with email and text messaging, which aren't owned or mediated by social media or big tech. And the agency wants to both demonstrate and use this strategy in their own marketing durring the webinar.

Solution:The agency setup a keyword-triggered automation in Switchbird so that when someone texts "EBOOK" to their Switchbird number, an automated text funnel captures key information about that person, including their name, phone number (both automatic!) and more about their individual interests.

During the webinar, attendees are teased with the offer, an e-book, and invited to "Text EBOOK to 212-555-1234" to get a link to it free.


  • Webinar attendees get a valuable offer and demonstration of how to use marketing to drive direct conversations with customers
  • The agency drives over 95% engagement with its ebook offer given an audience with high interest, and easily captures high-value phone numbers
  • Prospects from the webinar are easily identified, qualified and prioritized for follow-up via text