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Purpose-Built AI Chatbots for Your Business Calls, Texts and DMs

Here’s a $64,000 question: Is there a chatbot that can actually help get stuff done in your business, like an extra pair of hands?

February 2023 Switchbird Feature Updates

Here’s what’s new in Switchbird this month.

Broadcast Video Messaging Over SMS and Tracking Engagement

This is a walkthrough of the power of broadcasting a video message over plain old SMS and tracking the results

November 2022 Switchbird Feature Updates

This month we rolled out Facebook Messenger and Instagram, updated video messaging and more.

October 2022 Switchbird Feature Updates

This month we rolled out video messaging, integrated voicemail and more.

Setup Free Autoresponders and Reply-by-Email for Google Business Messages

Switchbird is the only free tool for automating Google Business Messages. Sign up and connect your GBP in seconds.

Now Reply by Email to Any Message in SMS, Google Business Messages, etc.

Switchbird users can respond to any message in any channel simply by replying to it in email.

May 2022 Switchbird Feature Updates

This month we rolled out SMS click tracking, text notifications and much more.

Short URL Link Tracking in SMS, Google Business Messages

Now whenever you use a URL or link in a message, Switchbird will shorten it to a recipient-specific version and track its clicks.

Why You Should Turn On Google Business Messages (Chat) Right Now

The opportunity for brands and business owners using Google's new messaging product is more than just "yet another messaging option." It's the future of your rank and reputation in search.