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April 2021 Switchbird Feature Updates

Switchbird is entering a new phase of its development. Gaining traction. Finding our most potent applications. Developing like crazy.

Inbound Text Messaging Funnels 101

Are you a small business seeking a channel you can control? Online seller tired of chats with anonymous users you can never follow up with? Digital agency that wants to provide their client with new tactics to attract and win customers?

What Are Automated Text Messaging Sales Funnels?

If you’re a marketer, you probably already know the power of building high-performing sales funnels on the web. You’ve got irresistible calls-to-action. You’ve got killer landing pages. Maybe you’ve even got perfectly crafted email drips that follow-up and draw every last viable lead through your funnel.

February 2021 Switchbird Feature Updates

Lots to report this month from Switchbird HQ, so I’ll skip the witty banter and get right down to business.

Agencies: How to Setup SMS Auto-replies and Save Clients From Themselves

Setting up some simple text auto-reply logic for missed calls and texts can shore up your clients’ responsiveness instantly.

November 2020 Switchbird Feature Updates

This month we added saved templates and automations, business-hour rules, new automation triggers and UI components, and more!

October 2020 Switchbird Feature Updates

This month we added broadcast messages, scheduled messages, API Access, a Zapier integration, and more!

How Small Businesses Can Compete With Amazon In Their Market

Small businesses can compete with Amazon by doing the things the behemoth can't or won't do.

How to Send a Payment Request by Text

How to Send a Payment Request by Text

Why White-Label Agency Software for Text Messaging?

Switchbird founder Jon Hall was interviewed for the Agency Ahead podcast and asked about agencies helping SMBs use text messaging and text marketing effectively.