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How Small Businesses Can Compete With Amazon In Their Market

Small businesses can compete with Amazon by doing the things the behemoth can't or won't do.

How to Send a Payment Request by Text

How to Send a Payment Request by Text

Why White-Label Agency Software for Text Messaging?

Switchbird founder Jon Hall was interviewed for the Agency Ahead podcast and asked about agencies helping SMBs use text messaging and text marketing effectively.

Connect Switchbird to CallRail (or other Call-Tracking) for Texting

Connect Switchbird to CallRail or CallTrackingMetrics to add our functionality to existing tracking numbers. No need to change, provision or port numbers.

Add This SMS Text Widget to Your Website to Capture More Leads

Add this free, customizable "Text Us" widget to your website, and make it easy for customers text message your business. Free 14-day trial.

Five Things Customers Would Rather Do Than Call Your Business

Some customers with even semi-urgent problems—pests, mold, a DUI—look for *any* other way to get help before picking up the phone.