Text Message Sales Funnel Automation for Computer/iPhone Repair (White-label)

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Text Automation Use Cases: Computer/iPhone Repair

Automated Text Messaging Funnel for New Lead Intake

Problem: A high-volume computer and iPhone repair shop is seeing a lot of new inquiries now that more and more people work from home on their own devices. However, the shop's marketing director has noticed proportionally fewer leads coming from its web-based intake form and lots more phone calls.

The increase in call volume strains the shop's staff during business hours. And it includes a significant number after-hours callers who leave little or no information by voicemail. By the time staff can call back, gather the necessary info and produce a quote, the potential customer has moved on to competitor.

Solution: The shop's agency partner white-labeled Switchbird's text platform and customized one of our prebuilt text messaging funnels to capture and convert after-hours leads. The funnel engages any caller to any of the shop's call-tracking numbers outside of business hours. The automation separates new leads from other inquiries and then gathers the necessary information for a shop tech to estimate the job in a few short questions.


  • After-hours customers are engaged right away with friendly messaging and forward-progress on their issue
  • Customer expectations are set for receiving help, closing the expectation gap that used to drive leads away
  • Techs are able to efficiently research and estimate issues without customer back-and-forth
  • The shop now converts 3x more of their after-hours inquiries than before implementing the funnel and is expanding the program to business hours, as well