Text Automation and Text Funnel for a Home Services Contractor (White-label)

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Text Automation Use Cases: Home Services Contractor

Automated Text Funnel for Local Lead Capture

Problem: A local construction company receives a steady trickle of calls from new leads and referrals thanks to decent rankings and great service. But Jeff, the owner, is on the job site everyday and often unable to pickup the phone. Moreover, he wants to focus the business on bigger-ticket, higher-margin projects and not waste his time working up estimates for small or break-even jobs.

Solution: A Switchbird inbox was setup to automatically text new callers with an opt-in and a personalized note from owner Jeff. Accurate lead data is captured and confirmed with a proprietary reverse phone lookup and a few short, automated questions.

A few additional questions verify the lead's interest in the types of projects Jeff wants to bid on. Based on their response, the automated funnel shares a video walk-through of Jeff's recent work on just the type of project they're interested in, and provides a link to his calendar to schedule a site visit.


  • The construction company is now much more responsive to new inbound inquiries
  • The owner is relieved of the burden of triaging every new call
  • The process for qualifying and estimating new projects is streamlined
  • Leads are engaged right away with relevant, high-converting sales material