Text Message Appointment Booking Funnel Automation for Vet (White-label)

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Text Automation Use Cases: Veterinary/Pet Services

Automated Text Messaging Funnel for Patient Intake/Appointment Booking

Problem: Dr. Wag's Veterinary Clinic is deluged with calls ever since the pet adoption boom of 2020. Customer hold times have increased to unnacceptable levels and the staff spends an inordinate amount of time going through after-hours calls and voicemails only to find out that many of those callers have taken their new pet somewhere else.

Solution: The clinic uses Switchbird to prompt and automatically text after-hours callers, taking them through an automated patient intake Q&A. The data is captured an sync'd with the clinic's patient management system via Zapier.

Dr. Wag's automated messages further convey a caring environment and responsive team, even when they're not there. Detailed intake questions reduce the burden on staff to capture and transcribe the data necessary to book new appointments. Emergency calls are appropriately directed to a 24-hour animal hospital nearby.


  • More after-hours calls to the clinic are now handled and converted to appointments
  • Less staff time is wasted transcribing data and calling back customers who've moved on
  • Fewer callers are frustrated by the clinic's limited hours and operational inefficiencies