Text Automation and Text Funnel for Legal/Law Firm (White-label)

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Text Automation Use Cases: Legal/Law Firm

Automated Text Messaging Funnel for New Clients

Problem: A young lawyer is starting his own firm to offer legal services locally in a few practice areas. There's a growing contingent of affluent millennial residents settling in the area, and the lawyer wants to differentiate himself by being tech-forward, friendly and accessible... even hip!

Solution: When networking, on his website, and in PPC ads, the lawyer invites locals with legal needs to "text me anytime." Switchbird handles all text conversations, ensuring that contacts are opted-in and always receive a friendly, colorful response.

To reduce inefficiency, checklists for new clients are sent automatically via text depending on the need. The lawyer knows that his target clientele values transparency, and he doesn't want to waste time on those who are unwilling to pay, so he uses the opportunity in one-on-one text to be clear about his fees :)


  • The new firm is perceived as easy-to-do-business-with for inviting and being responsive to texts
  • Personalized, "fun" messaging makes the firm standout more with its target clientele
  • Clients are effortlessly educated on what they need to proceed and what it will cost
  • Nobody wastes anybody else's time