HIPAA Text Message Automation for Healthcare (White-label)

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Text Automation Use Cases: Healthcare and HIPAA

Automated Patient Intake and Text Appointment Reminders

Problem: In the highly competitive segment of cosmetic medical treatments and procedures, Designer MedSpa aims the be the most responsive, easiest-to-book service in its market. The practice already derives decent inbound call volume from its advertising and wants to ensure a leak-proof sales funnel for new patients seeking botox, Juvaderm and other treatments. But as a medical provider, Designer MedSpa requires any solutions it uses for handling patient inquiries to be HIPAA-compliant.

Solution: A2Z Agency counts Designer MedSpa as a client and uses Switchbird in a number of HIPAA-compliant text messaging workflows. For Designer MedSpa, the agency tweaked a pre-built text funnel to give callers a friendly and informative series of welcome texts, functioning as an automated patient intake funnel. All data is automatically secured under strict user access rules and further protected by Switchbird's industry-leading privacy measures, including masking any personally identifiable information in app notifications. Within the text funnel, emergency calls are appropriately directed to 911.

Once a consultation is booked, patients receive a custom cadence of automated text message reminders ensuring they show up.


  • Turned into immediate text exchanges, calls to the clinic are more quickly converted to appointments
  • Potential patients are educated about the practice's offerings in advance, effectively qualifying new patients before they book
  • Designer MedSpa outperforms the competition in responsiveness and ease of booking, winning both new and repeat patients