Text Message Appointment Booking Funnel Automation for Chiropractor (White-label)

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Text Automation Use Cases: Chiropractor

Text-Based Sales Funnel for New Patients

Problem: Dr. G, a chiropractor, is starting his practice small and wants to forgo hiring office staff until a later date. He'll be generating visibility and referrals for his practice through both PPC online and partnerships with local gyms and other wellness providers. He knows he needs to respond to inquiries promptly but isn't ready to hire a receptionist.

Solution: Dr. G drives all calls to a Switchbird inbox configured to automatically text every caller and bring them through an appointment setting text funnel. The automation handles every call and text, separates new patients from existing patients, and gathers some forward-looking information about when the patient is available come in.

Dr. G never has to interrupt a session with a patient, and all his inbound calls and texts are waiting for him when he's available. He can then respond with appointment invites and automatic appointment reminders to ensure his patients always show up.


  • Funneling all patient inquiries into text simplifies the administration of Dr. G's practice
  • He is perceived as accessible for inviting patients to text him and always responding
  • When new patients arrive, Dr. G is ready to book their follow-up appointments on the spot
  • As his practice grows, Dr. G can expand his text program by adding a VA first—an on-site person is not necessary to manage text conversations