Switchbird Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Switchbird require a contract or annual commitment?

No. Switchbird offers month-to-month subscription plans that you can cancel at anytime. We're that confident you'll like us ;-) But if for any reason it's not a good fit, we won't hold you or your data hostage: export your contacts, keep your phone numbers, and take everything with you 👍

Switchbird uses Twilio. Can I bring my own Twilio number(s)?

Absolutely. Unlike most other messaging platforms, Switchbird is transparent about our telephony providers and we don't markup those costs. With our volume plans, you can easily add your own Twilio account to Switchbird and setup numbers from it with Switchbird inboxes and automations 😎

Can I white-label or private-label Switchbird's software?

Yes. Most of Switchbird's customers are resellers who combine our messaging technology with their own domain expertise to serve clients in a vast array of industries. We charge a one-time fee to private-label the platform under your own brand and domain 👍

Does Switchbird use artificial intelligece (AI)?

Yes, Switchbird utilizes machine learning in its message handling. But we take a holistic approach to automation, emphasizing smart conversation design with minimal friction rather than "AI for AI's sake." That means our automations can use basic scripts, logical rules or AI to drive conversations towards a happy outcome–for both you and your contacts 😎

How can Switchbird messaging funnels help my small business?

Switchbird messaging funnels plug the leaks in your sales process. Inbound inquiries from any channel–voice, text/SMS, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger–get an automatic and immediate reply, ensuring your business is responsive 24/7. Funnels not only capture leads but nurture them, preventing eager buyers from moving on to a competitor. And they build your contact list for re-marketing on autopilot 😊

Is Switchbird HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Switchbird can support HIPAA applications with a few minor limitations–notably no MMS (picture messages). We encrypt all message content and contact information that passes through our system both in transit and at rest, and all data is secured under strict user access rules. If you intend to use Switchbird as or on behalf of an organization with privacy obligations under HIPAA, please advise so that we can execute the required BAAs (Business Associate Agreements) with you and/or your client(s) 💪

Can I use my land-line with Switchbird?

Although possible, we don't recommend "text-enabling a landline." Unlike other providers who want to get ahold of your business number to make it harder to leave them, we think you should keep your texting program *separate*. This approach gives you the most flexibility, built-in call- and text-tracking, and minimize risk to your existing business number from carrier penalties or changes in regulation around business texting.

Does Switchbird offer call-tracking or integrate with my call-tracking provider?

Yes and yes. If you're already using CallRail or CallTrackingMetrics, simply connect your call-tracking account to your Switchbird inbox and we'll "listen" for call/text activity on your tracking numbers. You can text your contacts back through those numbers via Switchbird or "delegate" text activity to a number on our platform for more features/lower cost (recommended). If you don't already track your calls, call- and text-tracking is baked-in to Switchbird: just add Twilio numbers to track calls and texts from different channels 👍

How much does text/SMS usage cost on Switchbird?

At Switchbird, we transparently use Twilio for phone numbers, voice and message delivery, simply passing through their costs to you with zero markup. So a standard SMS message costs a fraction of a cent, or $0.0075, per 160-character "segment. Messages longer than 160 characters will cost a little more since Twilio charges per segment. So, for example, a 320-character message (2 segments) would cost $0.015. Picture messages (MMS) cost $0.02.

Can Switchbird handle text messages over 160 characters?

Yes, we can handle messages longer than 160 characters--in fact, up to 1600 characters. Most carriers support these longer messages, too. For those who don't, the longer message is broken up into 160-character "segments" 👍