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February 2022 Switchbird Feature Updates

This month we rolled out QR codes for initiating text messaging flows and Google Chat, HIPAA-compliant MMS (picture messages) and much more.

BYO Twilio Account to Switchbird

Switchbird uses Twilio and passes through the wholesale cost with zero markup. But there are scenarios where you may still want to bring your own Twilio account to Switchbird.

Introducing the Slog (SMS Log) for Building Content and Community via Text

In the venerable digital tradition of sharing bite-size content serially over time as a "log"–via the Web as a Weblog or blog, via video as a videolog or vlog–I'm excited to introduce the SMS log, or "slog."

How to Register Your Brand for A2P 10DLC Business Texting/SMS

The move by telephone carriers in the U.S. to begin supporting business texting on local numbers is a huge opportunity for legitimate businesses to embrace the channel.

How Free Call-Tracking From Google My Business (GMB) Works

Adopting Google's free call-tracking solution for GMB users, called "call history", is a trade-off for businesses. Valuable data, but with a few caveats.

How to Turn Your FAQs Into a Text/SMS and GMB Chatbot

How to take existing FAQ content on a page of your website and turn it into a chatbot automatically with Switchbird.

Simulate Text/SMS and GMB Chat Automation On Our Playground

Switchbird's new Messaging Automation Playground lets you build, test, simulate and share messaging automation workflows for free with our easy-to-use tools.

How to Use Existing FAQ Content in Automated Chat

Got existing FAQ content on your site? Add the link(s) to your Switchbird inbox to automatically answer matching questions that come in via chat, SMS, Google messaging and more.

Switchbird a Winner of Google's 2021 Chat Automation Contest

We won! This week Switchbird placed third in Google’s 2021 Business Messages Build-an-Agent Contest. Here's how we did it.

April 2021 Switchbird Feature Updates

This month we rolled out our GMB chat integration, new and improved automation syntax and tools, better keyword campaign tools and more.