This week Switchbird placed third in Google’s 2021 Business Messages Build-an-Agent Contest.

About the Chat Automation Contest

Google Business Messages is part of the Google My Business (GMB) suite of tools and enables customers to “chat” with businesses via their GMB profile in search results, Google Maps, and elsewhere. The contest recognized creativity and innovation among solutions using Google Business Messages to demonstrate “novelty of design, uniqueness of use case, potential to change the messaging landscape and/or measured consumer/business impact.”

Winners Showed “Creativity and Innovation” in Chat

First prize in the competition went to an Indian tech company who built an elaborate (and very cool) chatbot experience for Vodafone. Other big multinational brands and venture-backed tech companies also crowded the podium.

But Switchbird’s smart messaging funnels and sequences, however, stood out against hundreds of competitors who boasted AI and other sophisticated capabilities, placing near the top among the participants selected for prizes by Google’s judges.

How Switchbird Automates GMB Chat For Less

Switchbird’s own launched Google Business Messages “agent”–which was our entry into the contest and handles inquiries from our leads, prospects and customers 24/7–simply uses the features of our platform available to every single Switchbird customer. Whereas large brands may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building out chat experiences and then thousands more to maintain and develop them, Switchbird puts the same capability into the hands of small and mid-sized businesses for a small monthly subscription.

“We use Switchbird with clients ranging from an auto repair shop who exchanges photos and coordinate services with customers via text, to a chain of PT clinics who require a HIPAA-compliant solution for booking appointments and sending text reminders. It could not be easier to use,” said owner Peter Wilson.

Update: Now you can explore exactly how Switchbird’s award-winning GMB messaging automation workflow is built. We made the entirety of its content and configuration public on our Messaging Automation Playground and continue to evolve the tools and technology around automated messaging for text/SMS, Google Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs and Whatsapp. Note the addition of our AI-based Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) bot which can use existing FAQ content on your website to answer common customer questions in chat.