Switchbird allows you to request and collect payments via text messages. We use Stripe as our payments provider, so before you can send your first payment request, you simply need to connect your Stripe account.

(If you don’t already have a Stripe account, you can easily set one up that posts all your collected payments straight to your bank account.)

Sending a Payment Request with Switchbird

Once payments are setup, requesting a payment is simple:

  • Find the conversation with the customer under Conversations
  • Click Request Payment
  • Select the account you want the payment to go to, enter an amount to charge and a description of what it’s for, and click Send Request

Within a few seconds, your request should be generated and sent to the customer, and you should see it come through a message in the conversation with a link to the payment form.

When the customer pays, an update message will be made to the conversation, and all parties will be alerted that payment has been made. Then you can take any next steps, such as arranging curbside pickup or delivery, etc.