Speaker Case Study: Lee Eisenstaedt Surveys Audience via Text to Identify Leads
Lee Eisenstaedt

Lee Eisenstaedt

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Speaker Case Study

Lee Eisenstaedt Surveys Audience via Text to Identify Leads

Lee Eisenstaedt is a seasoned finance and operations executive and the author of four books on leadership. He often consults with ESOPs–employee-owned organizations who offer an “employee stock ownership plan”–on strengthening trust, communication, collaboration, and relationships at all levels of the organization.

During Covid distancing measures, Lee was asked to speak on these topics for a large webinar audience (250+ attendees). Attendees would include ESOP stakeholders from across a wide spectrum of seniorities and roles.

Lee speaks regularly at in-person events where networking opportunities before and after allow him to generate new leads–typically ESOP managers and executives–for his consulting practice. Without the in-person networking component at this event, Lee started to look for a way to capture business value from the speaking event.

Enter Switchbird. Lee realized that pairing his own leadership self-assessment survey with an engaging call-to-action to get it in participants’ hands during the session via text, he could not only capture but qualify leads from the session in one fell swoop.

He used Switchbird to create a keyword call-to-action and automated flow, asking his audience to text QUIZ to his Switchbird number to receive the assessment during the session. And he used qualifying question in the flow itself (“How would you describe your role in your organization?”) to tease out potential leads from the diverse audience.

The result? “It went incredibly well,” Lee says. Specifically, he counted:

  • 270 attendees
  • 107 texted the Switchbird number, opted in, and were put into a flow to get a link the assessment
  • 56 completed the assessment

And not only did Lee book several consulting appointments from this event in the weeks that followed, the process was more organized, straightforward and productive than ever.

“From similar-sized events,” Lee says, “I usually only get 10-12 people downloading the assessment… My conclusion is that Switchbird captures the attendees enthusiasm in the moment.”