Speaker Case Study: Dan Gershenson Engages Audience with SMS Lead Magnet
Dan Gershenson

Dan Gershenson

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Speaker Case Study

Dan Gershenson Engages Audience with SMS Lead Magnet

Dan Gershenson is a fractional CMO. With only three days to prepare, Dan was asked to fill-in 30 minutes for a canceled speaker at Engaging Speakers, a small business training, coaching and networking organization dedicated to helping professionals bring their message to the world through public speaking.

Luckily, Dan already had the perfect talk in his repertoire: “7 Secrets to Gain a Never-Ending Stream of New Business.” The problem? His existing 1-hour presentation would have to be cut in half.

“I could have scrambled to try and compress the presentation,” Dan says. “But instead, I utilized Switchbird to set up 3 exciting tips followed by an enticing call-to-action where the audience could text me the keyword 4MORE to get the 4 additional tips.”

Dan customized one of Switchbird’s automated flows to opt-in each contact, confirm their details (provided by a proprietary reverse phone lookup) and then deliver the goods.

“Talk about a win-win!” Dan says. “I could take my time with the presentation and provide something creatively unique for my audience.”

As a result, 10 of the 30 attendees texted Dan’s Switchbird number within 90 minutes of the presentation and entered directly into Dan’s contact list for follow-up. Dan says based on prior experience, he expected far fewer to take action.

“It was the immediacy and convenience of the moment that motivated the audience to act,” Dan says.

With Switchbird, Dan created an instant, actionable messaging funnel and results that no other medium could match. Given 10 qualified prospects, a 75% close rate, and clients worth between $1,200 and $10,000, Dan’s last-minute speaking gig ended up generating significant returns for his business.