Switchbird Voice, Text Messaging (SMS) and Google Business Messages Automation Features

Feature List

An ongoing list of voice and messaging features currently supported on Switchbird–or coming soon 😎


  • Intuitive inbox unifies conversations across text, voice, Google, Facebook and more
  • Video messaging beyond MMS: we embed a thumbnail and link to serve your media at high-res
  • Draft, edit, schedule and re-schedule messages with ease
  • Per-message link-shortening and click-tracking let you know when contacts engage with your content
  • Built-in opt-in and opt-out rules and reminders make compliance a breeze
  • Extensive and growing multi-language support
  • Auto-replace images with a URL when MMS is not supported

Lead capture and conversion

  • Capture lead data from every call and text with reverse phone lookup and automated conversation flows
  • Use unlimited keywords and QR codes for frictionless CTAs that put contacts right into the correct flow
  • Add your existing FAQ content to be ingested and used by our AI to automatically answer matching customer inquiries
  • Add phone numbers into your inbox to track calls and texts that originate from different sources
  • Copy/paste our fully-customizeable website web chat widget onto your website to turn site visitors into text conversations without burdening staff
  • See reporting on where new conversations start, how many convert, response times and other KPIs

Reusable content

  • Create your own automated AI- or rules-based flows to answer FAQs, qualify and nurture leads, request referrals and reviews, collect surveys and more
  • One-click multi-message sequences for sales, lead nurture, event reminders and follow-up, etc.
  • Sequences stop automatically on reply to prevent unwanted autoreplies
  • Create highly personalized reusable messages with rich media and dynamic placeholders (merge fields)
  • Drop in pre-built messages to send to contacts as-is, or customize them on-the-fly

Broadcast messaging

  • Upload existing contacts or export contacts collected through our service
  • Tag and organize contacts with unlimited custom tags and encrypted merge fields
  • Segment your list to send highly targeted broadcast messages to matching contacts
  • Schedule broadcasts at your convenience and modify or add contacts anytime up till it sends
  • See reporting on message delivery as well as click and response rates


  • Schedule messages, flows and sequences to be delivered at any time in your own or your contact’s time zone
  • Book appointments or other events with calendar invites for iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Set and forget recurring calendar events with associated messaging (e.g. for birthdays, regular maintenance reminders, etc.)
  • Shared calendar URL to populate scheduled events to Google, Calendly, etc.
  • Create customized reminder and follow-up sequences for any appointment or event type

Automation and AI

  • Deflect voice calls to text for more efficient customer conversations
  • Autoreply to missed or after-hours calls to engage every contact, every time
  • Customizable text and picture messages for all autoreplies
  • Set business hours and custom rules based on time of day
  • Easily create AI- or rules-based messaging flows
  • Drag-and-drop automated flows into a visual flow diagram of behaviors
  • Preview all of your messaging and behaviors in a full-featured SMS/Google/Facebook simulator right in the dashboard

Voice features

  • Get in front of callers with a customizeable voice prompt
  • Text back missed callers with optional opt-in requirements
  • See, playback and annotate voice calls directly in your conversation threads
  • Encrypted voicemail, call recording and audio transcription
  • Get transcribed voicemails emailed or texted to you

Collaboration and workflows

  • Assign conversations directly to team members
  • Internally annotate messages and contacr right in the thread (for training, etc.)
  • Installable progressive web app to manage your inbox from anywhere
  • Archive and export transcripts of messaging conversations for sharing or record-keeping
  • Receive notifications of new message activity and assigned conversations even when you’re signed out
  • Set custom contact fields to require when adding contacts to support novel use cases

Integrations and support

  • Use Twilio through us at cost with zero markup
  • BYO Twilio accounts and phone numbers
  • Add and use local, toll-free and international numbers
  • Text-enable your landline(s) for an instant SMS inbox attached to your existing number(s)
  • Connect CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics or Telmetrics to use existing tracking numbers with our service
  • Connect hundreds of CRMs and thousands of other apps through our Zapier integration
  • Record voice call and messaging events in Google Analytics
  • API access for building custom integrations

Compliance and security

  • Automatic opt-in and opt-out handling for easy TCPA compliance
  • Build your opted-in text messaging contact list on autopilot
  • Clear indicators of opt-in status with built-in enforcement
  • Instantly register your U.S. local phone numbers for A2P 10DLC
  • Encryption of messaging and contact data in transit and at rest
  • Support for HIPAA applications including MMS (picture messages)


  • Request and collect payments via text (using Stripe)
  • Get alerts of new payments and reporting on totals due and received
  • Auto-deliver a thank you or payload message when payment is received

Third-party messaging

  • Connect Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs and Google Business Messages to one inbox
  • Connect Google Business Profile to use all of these features with Google messages
  • Use automated flows to boost Merchant Response Rate (MRR) and custom-triggered surveys that capture Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Use the same tools and automations that won Google’s own messaging automation contest
  • See typing indicators and read receipts
  • Give your multi-location business a unified inbox and dashboard for Google Chat
  • Create your content and automations once, use them everywhere!

Reseller and agency features

  • Save sequences and flows to share across inboxes
  • Put everything under your brand and domain
  • Get your own branded native-like app (PWA) with homescreen icon for mobile devices
  • Give every client or team member access only to what they need with fine-grained user access
  • Create proprietary reusable messaging content you can upsell customers on
  • Manage multiple brands and sell into different verticals with a niche offering

Coming soon!

  • WhatsApp integration
  • Integration of Nomorobo spam service to identify and ignore robocalls
  • More customizeable voice prompts with Amazon’s Polly voices