Our Services

Versatile Technology

Many social media companies collect data from the same places and deliver a one-size-fits-all service no matter which client they're serving. Switchbird excels at gathering and organizing the unstructured data from sources that are important to you—from the social web to the traditional web and everything in-between. Our technology monitors these sources and brings the meaningful posts, comments and tweets into a customizable software tool that enables measurement.

Custom Analytics

Switchbird will provide important metrics including sentiment scores, post volume and sources, and influencers for your product, category or market. We also create detailed ecosystem maps, weighted word clouds and geographic dispersion maps that show where emerging trends are surfacing.

Actionable Reports

Based on our key findings, dashboards and reports, we can incorporate our collective knowledge to provide recommended courses of action. By partnering with Switchbird, you'll be equipped to utilize social media to foster better understanding of your customers, continuous improvement in your products and be positioned to recognize emerging market opportunites early.