Our Approach

Whether you've been dialed into social media for years or barely understand why everyone's atwitter, Switchbird works with companies at anywhere in the social media spectrum to spread their wings.

Our Approach to Navigating Social Media:
  1. Listening - See where and when the conversations are happening
  2. Measuring - Apply the insights you find to your business goals
  3. Interacting - Join people in the conversation around your brands
  4. Innovating - Make social media pave the way for new products
  5. Integrating - Leverage social media across your company


See how your current customers, target markets or competitors are interacting with social media by collecting data from sources like blogs, forums and Twitter. Whether your customers are right down the street or around the globe, Switchbird's social media dashboards can show you who is talking the most, how people feel about you and where the conversations are happening right now.


You know your business better than anyone, so we work closely with you to interpret social media data in ways relevant to your business. Switchbird's custom social media analytics combined with key customer insights work in tandem to produce meaningful and actionable reports, so you can make important decisions, faster.


If and when you decide it's the right time to begin two-way conversations with your influencers, fans and especially detractors, we'll show you how. Switchbird can help you develop programs and strategies for keeping up to date with the realtime web. We'll even work with you to suggest staff positions that may be helpful to reaching your social media goals.


It’s well known that social media can be used to improve customer service, marketing and communications, but many leading companies are elevating social media to the forefront of product development, sales, and even internet security. Whether you’re optimizing a product to play well with social media or automating processes to boost a products performance, Switchbird will work with you to figure out how to maximize returns from social media investments.


You already have many corporate systems in place. What could be possible if Switchbird's social media data were seamlessly integrated? We can work with you to enable your existing business and IT systems to be constantly connected to the stream of social media data as quickly as it surfaces. Contact Switchbird if you're interested in learning more about integrating with our Search & Discovery API.